Thursday, December 31, 2009

And nearly a year later . . .

Shortly after I wrote the post below, my coworkers and I were informed our department was being outsourced. Not to another country but to a company who handles other companies HR operations. And, lucky us, we got to interview for our own jobs.

Not everyone was offered a position. And those who received offers were jumbled - people with far greater experience and seniority at our former company were offered entry level positions, which we accepted, grateful to at least have a job. (Layoffs for our company topped 1300.)

I was one of those people, grateful to have a job. It was a different sort of gratitude than I spoke of in previous posts. Grudging. Despondent. Bewildered.

I've been with the new company for over six months now. Loathing nearly every minute of it.

Why am I back here at "Mojo", after 12 months of writing nothing? I was Googling something and "Where's My Mojo" was the third result.



Kenna said...

I'm back too. Sort of.

teahouse said...

Hey, update us on what's going on! Still a big fan of your blog!