Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Rejoining the rat race.

It's been quite a transition, returning to full-time work after over 7 years. I'm glad that I'd spent the previous two months working part-time at The Questionable Company to ease back into the swing of things. Otherwise my first days at my new job might have been a bit rougher.

On my first morning, I had to drive to downtown Minneapolis. For the first time ever. I've been downtown a handful of times. I'd just never driven there. And I had to add time to my estimated commute to factor in diverted traffic from the collapsed I-35W bridge. I ended up being an hour and a half early, so I spent that time sitting in a cushy chair, reading a book at a Starbucks.

Downtown culture is completely different than anything I'm accustomed to. Everyone dresses extra sharp. Pointy heels, sleek hair, suits and ties.

Thankfully, the facilities where I'll be working is "business casual" with "casual Fridays." Downtown, it's "business dress" and "business casual" on Fridays, if even that.

After my orientation, I drove to my work facility in a northern suburb and met my supervisor and enjoyed a pizza lunch with the other new employees. Then we began training. The next day we had training for half the day and then went to a nearby park for a company picnic! They closed shop for the rest of the day and we spent hours there, playing games, eating, winning raffle prizes. Everyone was given a free t-shirt to wear. In fact, I've received so many free things this week - a drink mug, a mouse pad, a pen, a magnet.

And the facilities where I work are so great. The cafeteria excites me the most mainly because I've never worked any place where I could just pop downstairs for lunch. So far my favorite thing in the cafeteria is the toast (and bagels.) You choose your type of bread (or bagel) yourself and pop it into this sort of mini-pizza oven conveyor device which TOASTS IT. And then you have a choice of flavored cream cheeses, regular butter, jelly or jam, peanut butter, flavored butters. My God, it's toast heaven!

And there are tons of choices for lunch or snacks as well.

The roughest part has been the drive. During my training, my hours are 8-4:30, so I am stuck in rush hour traffic. My regular hours begin at the end of the month and I'll have a later shift which will definitely quicken my commute.

I've also run into three people I used to work with seven years ago (same company, different department.) It's great to know someone - I feel like a family member returning to the fold instead of just a new trainee.

Not sure when I'll be able to post again. I'm usually beat by the time I get home from work.


Kenna said...

That happened when I started working at this company last year - I was on the job for a week and then it was company picnic time.

Nice that you ran into some former co-workers. Here's wishing you great success!

(And I totally identify with being too pooped to blog at the end of the day.)

sue said...

Yeah, Kenna NEVER blogs anymore... :)

I digress.

Except for the detour, it sounds like a great new job! Hey, I'd be all about the cafeteria, too...

Glad it is working out so well for you! Get back to us when you can. :)

Becky said...

I can really only blog from work (shame on me) b/c I'm also too worn out by the time I get home and do the odds/ends. I'm so glad that you're liking your job so far and the employer -- you were definitely due for a good change of events.