Tuesday, July 24, 2007

C R A S H.

Early this morning I heard the sound of wood cracking and splitting and then the crash of branches and leaves hitting the ground. It didn't sound horribly loud or like it hit anything important, so I rolled over and fell back to sleep.

My husband is outside now with a chainsaw, cutting up a HUGE branch which fell from our tree onto our neighbor's chain link fence. Earlier he went next door to see if they were home (Sue and Sue are the neighbors), and they weren't. He's cleaning up the mess and plans to fix the fence, as well. Fortunately it's his day off.

My mom finally texted me. She's turned into a wuss in her old age - she only lasted a week before breaking the silence.

Since my house is already clean from having a recent house guest, I invited her and my stepdad to visit before I start my new job. They'll be arriving Sunday. I'm taking my mom and daughter to the Mall of America and maybe, just maybe, she'll buy her grandkid some back-to-school things. You know, to make up for being such an ASS.


Becky said...

My mom is also one that makes up for her guilt by buying stuff. Needless to say, my closet is filled with "gifts" from her;) I hope your visit with your mom goes well and things are too awkward.

Beckie said...

Oooh, I have always wanted to go to the Mall of America!!

Scary...I hate the noise of wood splitting/breaking!

Thanks for listing me in you blogroll!

sue said...

Just a question - the last time (awhile back) I was at MOA I noticed a lot of their space is used by duplicating stores in different areas. Do you, as a "local" find you go through the whole mall or do you have certain sections you focus on? Just curious...

Sally said...

Sue, I've been to the MOA about 4 times. Each time I go with a specific goal in mind. Last time I went was to go to the flight simulator place (Aces Flying, I think it's called) because my husband had a gift certificate. I do not wander through the whole mall. I decide what I want, which stores will have it and then I check out the online map and plan accordingly.