Monday, December 03, 2007


How did it get to be December 3 already? What happened to October and November?

Quick updates.
Work: Fantastic. Hints from my supervisor that I could be promoted again, soon.
House: Got new roof, new siding, new soffits/fascia, new patio door and new windows. Still waiting on new living room windows, new front and back door and gutters.
Girl Scouts: Fine. I've had moments where I'm ready to quit. One spoiled brat of a girl decided to quit our troop and join the popular, cool troop her best friend attends. Spoiled Brat's mom never bothered to let me know. I found out second-hand. I was five kinds of furious.
The Spider: I've had no contact and haven't seen her for weeks. I refer to her house as "The Devil's Den." No particular reason except it's fun to say.
Writing: Lots of creative urges and ideas, not enough time.


nita said...

there you are!

'spoiled brat' aint' getting it from a stone wall. bitcheS.

and, hi! missed you!

sue said...

*jumping up and down* IT LIVES! YAY!

Seriously, sounds like you've had lots on your plate - and good stuff, too! Hope you have a great Holiday season!

Michele said...

Hey! I was just thinking about you the other day. Glad to get an update from you!

Tamara said...

Hooray! And the Snow Plows are out, to boot! Yipee!

Beckie said...

I wondered what had happened to you....I thought you probably got busy with work. Glad that everything is OK.

Barbara said...

I've been checking frequently - so glad you're back! I only read 2 blogs - You & Confessions of a Pioneer Woman. So glad life is good for you - except for the Spoiled Brat Girl Scout thing - that's a bummer. She's definitely the loser.

Becky said...

So glad to hear that things are going well with your new job. Good luck on the promotion!

teahouse said...

Hey, I'm really happy for you. Life is good when home and work are going well.