Friday, September 28, 2007

Weekly update, late.

Last week another storm swept through the cities. I was working my late Thursday and when the tornado sirens went off, supervisors herded us into a center room which was open on both sides. Glass from the windows could easily have blown in on us, not to mention we were on the fourth floor. I would rather have gone to a lower level or at least into the bathrooms. Unfortunately the stairs also have windows along one side, so it would be dangerous to do even that. Twice the sirens went off and when that happens, we are to tell callers we are having an emergency weather situation and hang up, log off the phone and huddle together in the unsafe safe room. It was actually kind of fun since most of my last hour of work that night was spent chatting with coworkers instead of taking calls.

Meanwhile, at home, hail that looked like this fell (that's a quarter next to it.):

It didn't cause any damage, but it wouldn't matter if it had because we've already received an insurance check and estimate for repairs from our insurance company for an earlier storm.

We met with a contractor last week and discussed the work we need done: replace roof, siding, gutters, soffits and facia, windows and two doors. Also, I want to cover the support beams in front of our house with material much like guttering material so we'll have white columns rather than weathered rough wood beams, which look tacky. By the time all is said and done, the exterior will make our home look brand new.

At work, I swiftly fell into a groove and began feeling unchallenged. I emailed my supervisor to ask if there was anyway I could be promoted sooner than December (my eleven fellow trainees and I were promised we'd be promoted mid-December.) She said she'd check into it but she already knew plans were in the works to promote all of us as of this October! So only two months at this job and I'll be promoted into a more challenging position - with a pay raise, of course! I'm very pumped!

As for The Spider (aka The Dung Beetle), I have had no interaction with her and I hope to keep it that way as long as possible. My husband continues to wait with our daughter for the bus each morning. I've been seeing a counselor and explained the whole Spider situation to her, how it messed me up. She's been very supportive, offering helpful suggestions and we're working on improving my confidence away from the workplace (because for some reason, I am super confident at work with no self-esteem issues - what's with that??)

This weekend my husband will be at my parents house in Kansas - he's going to the Nascar race. My daughter and I are going to a farm that has a corn maze. I'm excited - I've never been through a corn maze.

That's the latest and I hope things continue to be smooth. I'm enjoying life so much more now.


Karmyn R said...

Wow - you sound so much happier! I'm glad. Sometimes when you are caught up in a relationship with someone, like The Spider, it is hard to see how it affects you until you step out.

sue said...

Congrats on the promotion! That's terrific!

I hate when there are storms and I'm at work. We have a very small building (one floor) with large windows and no basement or really anywhere to be safe. If there is a storm nearby the guys know I'm heading for home (about 8 miles). I can usually beat the storm home.

I've never been through a corn maze, either. We're usually too busy harvesting it at this time of the year!

nita said...

are you sure that's hail? it really looks like alien life forms!

Becky said...

Glad to hear the job is going so well that you're being promoted early! It sounds like the company is a great fit for you and what you were looking for.

Beckie said...

Is that the hail? That is amazing!

Promotion already - now that is some good news!

teahouse said...

Whoa, that's huge hail!!

And corn mazes are AWESOME. I went to one a few months ago, and it was even more fun that I thought it would be. Enjoy!!

Masked Mom said...

My mother always had these conspiracy theories about the weather--she was pretty sure it was being manipulated by energy corporations and other people with a financial interest in nasty weather-related effects. That hail would definitely convince her--not only the size but the looks positively demonic.

And you should keep us posted on whatever you might find out about the gap between workplace confidence and everywhere else confidence. Not sure what causes it, but I've got it, too.

sue said...

You're awfully quiet (WEEKLY update? Maybe not... lol)

Hope all is well.

sue said...

Yoooo hoooo~~~~ *listening for echo*

Until I hear differently, I'm just going to go with "things are going so good and you're so happy that you don't have time to blog". Yup. That's what I'm going with.

Ms. A.R. said...

Hi, Sally. I know you're busy, having added full-time work to the already full-time job of caring for your family. And certainly blog posts don't belong on anyone's actual priority list -- but it would be lovely to see any kind of note here to let us know you're OK. After all, it's now been twenty-seven days since you and your daughter were headed into the corn maze, with nary a word here from you since. Should we be sending out a search party? And how would we know which corn maze to search?? Then again, getting stuck in a maze might be quite preferable to getting pelted with any of those bizarre hail grenades the MN clouds manufacture. Sheesh!

Just yanking your chain, of course, and really just wanting you to know you're thought of fondly whether you're posting or not (and missed when the status is 'not'), in case you didn't know that by now. I sure hope your life is continuing in the positive direction reflected in your last post.

BTW, could that corn maze also be called a maize maze ?? :>)

sue said...

Missing Mojo, hell... this is getting serious... this is Missing SALLY!