Monday, September 17, 2007

I'd like to thank my loving husband for all his support. . .

After receiving a text message from my husband today, I realized how much he's helped me with my transition into working full time. He merely texted about arranging some things that I thought I'd have to take care of when I got the chance. I got the text while at work, glanced at it, typed a quick reply and got back to work. And then on my break, I realized he's been such a blessing.

Every morning he walks our daughter to the end of the driveway to see her onto the bus so I can start my day on a positive note without enduring hostility and abuse from The Spider. He starts dinner nearly every night. He grocery shops on his days off. He looks over our daughter's homework and encourages her to help with dinner and housecleaning.

I'm very lucky, I realize. If I had to manage the bulk of those tasks along with working full time and facing off with The Spider, I'd probably be an emotional wreck right now.

Instead, I'm happy and enjoying my job, LOVING being productive and challenged at an honest-to-God-real-grown-up JOB.

I thanked him today and told him because of his help, I'm able to focus on my work and not fret about things at home.

I don't gush nearly enough about him, taking for granted how good I've got it. But I do so appreciate him.


sue said...

...and that is the way it is SUPPOSED to be! Lucky you! Also, good for you for recognizing what he's done and then for telling him so. I think in marriage that part gets lost sometimes. We're always quick to critisize, but maybe not so quick to praise?

(Hubs is always saying, "aren't those people on the blog getting SICK of reading about me? They probably think I'm a saint?... well, there are days he IS. LOL)

Karmyn R said...

That is wonderful. Sounds like you have a great marriage.

teahouse said...

Awww..he sounds so sweet!! I'm glad to hear that things are good in that realm of your life.

Anonymous said...

AWWWW! And That Spider needs to MOVE!

CaliGirl said...

gush away girlie. sometimes we just have to share how lucky some of us are with our men.

so glad you are happy with your new job. things sound like they are falling into place for you right now.

big hugs :)

-- smc said...

That is so wonderful to read and made me stop for a minute, too, and think of how lucky I am. Yay for you guys! And yay for you!!!!

Becky said... sweet. I'm so glad that thing are better for you. You seem happier.

nita said...

yay, that's sooooo great!

wanna trade?! hahahaha